Tamwyn Eopia is a main charachter in all three Avalon books. He is called Tam by his brother Scree. Tamwyn is the Child of the Dark Prophecy as well as Merlin 's true heir. Thus, he can chose his destiny: whether he will be evil, or, even better, a good guy! When Elli says that he is Merin's true heir, Tamwyn, however, thinks that that is impossible. Until, quite unfortunately for him, he accidentaly says, "I am Merlin's true heir" while holding Merlin's staff, Ohnyalei, and the staff started glowing and regained the glowing runes of the Seven Songs. He then retraces his father, Krystallus's trail to Merlin's Knothole, the highest point of the Middle Realm, after which he continues on to the stars.

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