T.A Barron is author of:

Adventures of Kate trilogyEdit

  • Heartlight (1990)
  • The Ancient One (1992)
  • Merlin Effect(1994)

The Lost Years of Merlin epicEdit

  • The Lost Years of Merlin (1996)
  • The Seven Songs of Merlin (1997)
  • The Fires of Merlin (1998)
  • The Mirror of Merlin (1999)
  • The Wings of Merlin (2000)

The Great Tree of Avalon trilogyEdit

  • Child of the Dark Prophecy (2004)
  • Shadows on the Stars (2005)
  • The Eternal Flame (2007)

Merlin's Dragon trilogyEdit

  • Book One - Merlin's Dragon (2008)
  • Book Two - Doomraga's Revenge (2009)
  • Book Three - Ultimate Magic (2010)

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