Dinatius is a boy from Merlin's childhood. When Dinatius tried to kill Elen, Merlin used his unknown magic and caused a fire, blinding him and burning his cheeks. Dinatius later was acknowledged dead by Merlin, but he started to follow the evil war lord, Rhita Gawr. He had a machine, the Sword Arms, and killed many children, or orphans, namely. When Merlin won the fight between them, at the last moment last minute, Merlin decided that he would spare his life. Dinatius was awestruck, and stopped fighting. Outraged that his servant had refused him, Rhita Gawr took vengeance and killed Dinatius. In the end, Merlin forgave Dinatius, and he became alive after dying.


Dinatius has bushy brown hair, brown eyes


He loves to seek vengeance, and uses intimidation to become dictator of the village Caer Vedwyd, that is from mortal Earth, the village Merlin grew up in after Stangmar.